Registered disability workers show they have the skills and experience to deliver quality services, providing confidence to people with disability and their families.

Employers choosing registered workers shows their commitment to an independently assessed quality workforce.

If you are already registered, click here or go to the box at the bottom of this page for more information.

Why does being a registered worker matter?

Registration strengthens trust in disability workers and their professional capabilities. Hear from some of our registered workers, watch our videos and read our factsheets on disability worker registration to learn more:

The safe choice - Registration videoFactsheet - Registration information for disability workers PDF/Word
"I've got a life to live" - Registration campaign videoFactsheet - Registration information for employers PDF/Word
"The right people" - Registration campaign videoFactsheet - Registration information for people with disability PDF/Word
Benefits of registration - Animated videoFactsheet - Registration information for students PDF/Word
How to register - Animated videoFrequently asked questions about registration PDF/Word




For more information please visit our Resource Hub.

Registration provides additional checks to the NDIS Worker Screening by assessing a person’s skills, experience and commitment to undertaking continuing professional development. For information on the NDIS Worker Screening Check, please visit the NDIS Worker Screening Check page.

Registration is currently free, voluntary, increases overall community confidence in the sector and ensures that people with disability can access safe and quality services – no matter how they are funded. Registered workers appear on the Public Register.

The registration period runs from 1 October - 30 September each year. Registered disability workers must renew their registration each year.

Who can register?

A person is a disability worker when they do all of the following:

  1. Provide a service to a person with disability
  2. Deliver the service themself, or supervise or manage another person to do so
  3. Provide a service which involves more than 'incidental contact' with a person with disability
  4. The main purpose of the service is to care for, treat or support a person with disability to manage their limitations to undertake certain activities.

For more information please read our 'Who is a disability worker?' fact sheet.

To find out more about applying for registration, click the 'Get registered' button below.