All registered disability workers are listed on the public register of Victorian disability workers.

Ways to search the register

You can search the following fields from the first registration search bar:

  • Name - You can search the first, last or full name of a registered disability worker   
  • Registration number - This is individual to each registered worker
  • Registration division - You can search for a registered disability support worker or a registered disability practitioner, or you can search for both.

From the Search Results list you can also filter by these additional fields:

  • Location - you can search by your suburb name or postcode or can include multiple locations to find all workers in your nearby area
  • Gender
  • Language - you can search for multiple languages.

Click on a worker's name to view the full details of their registration.

What information appears on the register

When viewing the details for a registered worker you will see the following information:

Personal details

  • Name, including other names they may use to practice
  • Gender
  • English competency - this specifies if the worker is competent in speaking, reading writing and signing in English
  • Other languages the worker is competent in
  • Principal place of practice.

Registration details

  • Qualifications the worker holds (if any applicable)
  • Endorsements
  • Conditions - there may be specific conditions applied to a worker’s registration to ensure they deliver services in a safe manner
  • Undertakings
  • Cautions
  • Reprimands
  • Other disciplinary action
  • Registration expiration date

For more information about registered disability workers please view our fact sheet.

If you are having difficulty in searching the register you can contact us on 1800 497 132.

By clicking on the button below you can search for a registered disability worker.