At the moment, it can be hard to understand and compare the skills and expertise of disability workers, and a variety of different job titles are used within the disability sector. This makes it hard for people with disability and others to choose a suitable worker to provide services and support.

Increased safety and quality

Under the new Victorian scheme, only registered disability workers who pass safety checks and have the requisite experience, qualifications and/or training, will be legally able to use titles such as ‘registered disability worker’ and ‘registered disability practitioner’.

Registration is voluntary for disability workers, although some employers may decide to make registration a condition of their workers’ employment. 

Over time, as recognition of the advantages of registration for disability workers grows, it is expected the number of disability workers who are registered will increase, leading to higher levels of accredited training and professionalism of the disability workforce.

Current and reliable information about disability workers' registration status, qualifications and suitability to work will be available in our online directory of registered workers after registration fully begins in July 2021.

Your choice

As a person with disability, you may prefer to choose a registered worker to support you and provide the services you require, knowing that they have been screened for their safety and suitability.

Choice and control is central to the Victorian Scheme, allowing you to choose with confidence the right workers for you. 

Getting help

Anyone can make a complaint through our scheme or report concerns about the quality and safety of services provided by disability workers – even if they are an unregistered worker. Registration does not commence until 1 July 2021. 

We will ensure that the complaint is dealt with by the right organisation, and that appropriate protections are put in place for people with disability when there is an ongoing risk.


Disability worker watches man with a disability play guitar