Our role is to administer the Disability Service Safeguards Act 2018 (Vic).

This includes setting registration standards for registered Victorian disability workers, registering Victorian disability workers, investigating complaints about registered and unregistered workers and, if necessary, prohibiting workers from providing disability services. Our structure comprises the Commissioner, the Board and the Commission, and our services formally commenced on 1 July 2020.

Victorian Disability Worker Commissioner

The Head of the Commission is responsible for regulating the conduct of unregistered disability workers. 

Disability Worker Registration Board of Victoria

The Board is responsible for setting registration standards for disability workers and accreditation for approved programs of study. The Board registers disability workers who meet the standards required, and responds to complaints about registered disability workers.

Victorian Disability Worker Commission

The Commission receives and investigates complaints about registered and unregistered workers, and supports the Board and Commissioner. The Commission will also maintain registers of disability workers (both people prohibited from providing disability services, and registered workers) that is accessible to the public.


If there is an issue with the conduct of a disability worker, we can help the person with disability to make a complaint and find the right place to deal with their complaint. Victorians with disability will be better protected from abuse and neglect because we have the power to investigate and resolve complaints, and to prohibit unfit workers from providing disability services.

Disability service providers can be confident when recruiting registered workers that we have thoroughly checked the qualifications and probity of the worker. We support providers in responding to conduct, performance or health issues that may affect the capacity of their registered disability workers.

The Code of Conduct applies to unregistered disability workers, however we can investigate the conduct of any Victorian disability worker, regardless of whether they are registered or unregistered.

We also have the ability to undertake performance assessments or health assessments of registered disability workers.