Victoria’s Disability Worker Commissioner, Dan Stubbs, has welcomed the final report of the Disability Royal Commission which recommends nationally consistent regulation across all areas of disability service and life.

“This report leaves no stone unturned and makes it clear that the Royal Commissioners have really listened to people with disabilities,” Commissioner Stubbs said.

“It’s heartening to see that the Royal Commission has not been afraid to get into the really hard issues, and has made it clear that inclusion needs to be led by state and federal governments.

“I particularly welcome the recommendation for a national disability worker registration scheme (Recommendation 10.8), which is consistent with my evidence before the Royal Commission.

“One aspect of the disability worker registration scheme proposed by the Royal Commission refers to making the sector a more attractive place to work. This is extremely important to the development of quality services.

“I would urge state and federal governments to begin the work immediately on a national worker registration scheme, as it will take some time to set up.

“However, much can be learned from our worker regulation scheme here in Victoria – the only state-based scheme in the country. Almost all of the nine design features of a national scheme recommended by the Royal Commission are in place in the Victorian scheme overseen by our Disability Worker Registration Board.

“Based on our experience, good strong regulation to ensure safe and high-quality services will result in greater participation and inclusion of people with a disability.”

Given the Victorian Commissioner’s oversight of all disability support workers, he also welcomed:

  • National approach to complaints, community visitors and protections for people with disability in all parts of life
  • Federal Commission and rights-based legislation to promote and enforce rights of people with disability
  • Significant changes to ensure inclusion across education, housing and work
  • Improvements to skills and capacity of people working in prisons, youth detention and similar areas where people with disability are overly represented.

The Victorian Disability Worker Commission is the only state-based disability worker regulation scheme, promoting accountability, safety and quality in the disability workforce. The scheme comprises voluntary worker registration, a Code of Conduct, and a complaints service.

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