Applications for disability worker registration are open. Applications can be completed online via the button below. The process will take approximately one hour.

To assist you in preparing your application please refer to the checklist here.

You will be asked about the following information, and in some instances you may be required to upload additional evidence (click the headings below to read more):

•           Proving Your identity

•           Agreeing to a national police check

•           Choosing a division

•           Choosing a pathway

•           Choosing a registration type

•           Criminal history

•           Overseas residency

•           Current work details

•           Principal place of practice

•           Previous work experience

•           Competency in English and other languages

•           Insurance

•           Impairments

•           Disciplinary history

•           Other professional registrations

•           Information that appears in the register

•           Renewal of registration

More information about registration is also available in our Frequently Asked Questions, or call 1800 497 132 or email

Woman with disability and disability worker making food