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During 2019-20, the Disability Worker Registration Board of Victoria and Victorian Disability Worker Commissioner will be appointed. They will consult widely and publish their approach to how existing disability workers may become registered, and the transitional arrangements for recognising prior study qualifications and work experience, including details of the process and application forms.

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Types of registration

The Victorian Register of Disability Workers will have three divisions:

  • Division 1 of the register is for the most skilled and qualified practitioners. Workers who meet the requirements of this division will be legally allowed to use the title ‘registered disability practitioner’.
  • Division 2 of the register is for most registered workers in direct support roles. Workers registered in this division will be legally allowed to use the title ‘registered disability support worker’.
  • Division 3 of the register is an entry level registration for those who do not yet meet the registration requirements for Division 2. These workers are called ‘provisionally registered disability support workers’. This is not a protected title. Workers can renew their registration in this division only two times.

Within these divisions, there will be three types of registration:

  • General – which most workers will hold.
  • Limited – which includes workers who do not meet all the requirements for general registration but are otherwise eligible for registration for a specified purpose and period of time (examples include for teaching and research, supervised practice or to address an area of need).
  • Non-practising – which allows workers to continue to be registered while not in practice as a disability worker.

More information about the registration process will be included on this website closer to 1 July 2020.


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