If a complaint is made about you, you will be advised of this. We aim to provide notice to you in writing, which provides information about the complaint or notification.  

We will work with you to assist you to understand the complaint, we will listen to your perspective and we support you to respond to the issues raised. Sometimes complaints can be resolved by providing an apology, answers or an acknowledgement to the complainant or by taking action to address their concerns.  

Complaint resolution requires good faith from all parties. A complaint made about you is likely to be resolved more quickly if you are respectful, actively involved in resolving the issues and are open and considerate of other’s viewpoints.   

We might request information and documentation from you, the complainant, or another relevant party to assist us to understand the complaint and to make an evidence-based assessment of the matter.  

Many complaints can be resolved by us working with you, the complainant and the disability service user (if they are not the person making the complaint). We may decide to refer the complaint to conciliation or investigation. 

The Victorian Disability Worker Commission will act fairly, impartially and independently towards all parties involved in the complaints process. We understand that having a complaint made about you can be distressing. Our staff will provide guidance throughout the process. We will deal with all complaints fairly and support parties to reach a positive outcome in a timely and proportionate way.