About our complaints service 

We can receive any enquiry, complaint or notification about any disability worker in Victoria, regardless of the way in which the service is funded.  

 Anyone can make a complaint about a disability worker, including about: 

If you are a disability worker or employer you are legally required to make a notification of misconduct if it falls under one of the four categories: intoxication while practicing, sexual misconduct, detrimental impairment or significant departure from accepted professional standards. 

If you have a concern about a disability worker and are unsure whether this should be a complaint or notification, you can follow the complaint and notification flowchart for more information.

If you are not sure whether your concern is something you can make a complaint or notification about, you can contact us to discuss. If your concern is not something the Victorian Disability Worker Commission can take a complaint about, we will do our best to help you find out who can help you with your complaint.