Starting today, there are now stronger protections for people using disability services.

New regulations for all disability workers in Victoria begin operating now.

If you have a complaint about a disability worker, the Victorian Disability Worker Commission offers a new, independent service that can investigate workers who put your safety at risk and take action. And it’s free. 

In handling complaints about individual disability workers, we aim to promote the quality, safety, responsiveness and sustainability of the disability workforce. 

You can make a complaint about any disability worker in Victoria by: 
•    Completing an online form  
•    Calling us on 1800 497 132
•    Writing to us at GPO Box 181, Melbourne 3001

To assist you through the complaints process, we can:
•    Arrange interpreters, including Auslan interpreters 
•    Arrange for you to meet us in person

To find out more about our complaints service, download our new fact sheet

From today, a new Disability Service Safeguards Code of Conduct will also better protect people with disability. It applies to all disability workers in Victoria, no matter the funding or service. 

If you work in disability, or employ people who do, download our resources with everything you need to know about the changes, and exactly what they mean for your work.