State governments around Australia should seize the opportunity provided by clarifications last week around NDIS funding and responsibilities, to step up to provide the ‘foundational supports’ required in schools and early childhood education.

Victorian Disability Worker Commissioner Dan Stubbs today called on both educators and state governments across Australia to consider the implications of the NDIS shakeup and see it as an opportunity to deliver.  The Victorian Disability Worker Commission regulates all disability workers, no matter who funds them, including the thousands in schools and early childhood education in Victoria.

“This review clarifies that it is a state government responsibility to educate ALL children, alongside our education providers,” Mr. Stubbs said.

“Some schools have been assuming that NDIS funded services can help them.

“In Victoria, the government has responded to serious need in the last few years and is spending money on schools.   Now all state governments and all schools, including Catholic and Independent schools, must deliver.

“The big challenge that this review, together with the Disability Royal Commission, sets for us is to attract, develop and retain a high quality, professional and safe disability workforce. This is the mandate of the Victorian Disability Worker Commission. We stand ready to advise government on how best to deliver this, eg via national worker registration.”

“We believe there is work to be done to improve the quality and safety of support in many settings, including schools and I look forward to working with them on that journey.”

Arising from the NDIS shakeup, Mr Stubbs also expressed his support for the autism community.

“It is an understandably worrying time for people with autism and parents of children with autism.  Victorian schools and early childhood education providers are well placed to meet their needs. If parents feel staff in these settings are not providing the quality of services they need then I urge them to contact us at VDWC at

“I also welcome the opportunities the review and the Royal Commission set out for providing greater rights to people with disability to complain about the services they receive. This will be crucial to achieving the sort of model that the review and the NDIS is ultimately seeking.”

Victorian Disability Worker Commissioner Dan Stubbs is available for comment. Please call Phil Davey 0414 867 188 or contact