The Disability Worker Registration Board of Victoria and the Victorian Government are seeking your feedback on proposed registration standards and regulations for Victoria’s disability workforce.

Victoria’s Disability Worker Regulation Scheme (the scheme), established under the Disability Service Safeguards Act 2018 (the Act) creates a registration scheme for Victorian disability workers and a complaints and investigation function. The scheme will also provide stronger protection from unsafe disability workers who are unregistered – these workers will be required to comply with a Code of Conduct.

Registration with the scheme is voluntary. However, there are also powers to regulate unregistered workers through a complaints and investigation function. The scheme is designed to protect vulnerable people from harm and neglect by ensuring disability workers who care for people with disability have suitable skills, experience and qualifications to provide safe services and quality support.

We are seeking input from stakeholders and individuals across the disability sector to shape regulations for unregistered workers and registration standards for registered workers, which starts on 1 July 2020.

This consultation relates to two activities:

  • a Code of Conduct, prescribed offences and other regulations for unregistered disability workers setting expectations for the delivery of safe and ethical support and services.
  • registration standards and guidelines for registered workers who choose to register with the scheme.

Have your say by completing an online survey at Engage Victoria or making a submission by 14 February 2020.

More information

To find out more please visit the Engage Victoria consultation page.

For more information about the Disability Worker Regulation Scheme, please contact the Disability Worker Regulation Scheme Implementation Team at