You can make a complaint about any disability worker in Victoria.

You can complain about:  

You can also make a complaint if a disability worker has engaged in notifiable conduct. Employers and disability workers have an obligation to notify us if they witness notifiable conduct.  

Is it OK to complain about a disability worker? 

Yes, it is OK to complain about a disability worker. It’s important that disability workers know when you aren’t happy or if something is wrong. Making a complaint can assist disability workers to make positive changes in their work and practice. Making a complaint is a great way to improve services for everyone.   

If you are not sure whether you want to make a complaint, you can still call us to talk about what is happening for you. We can help you with advice and information, and you can decide if you want to make a complaint.  

Do I need to give my personal details? 

We will accept anonymous complaints, and you can ask for your identity to remain confidential.  

If you choose to remain anonymous, this may limit how we can investigate or address the matter, and potentially the outcome of the complaints process. 

Where you choose to give us your details, we will collect, use, store and protect personal information as we are required to do by law. 

How to make a complaint? 

You can make a complaint by:   

  • Completing an online form     
  • Calling us on 1800 497 132 
  • Writing to us at GPO Box 181, Melbourne 3001 
  • We can arrange interpreters, including Auslan interpreters  
  • We can arrange for you to meet face to face  



Disability worker with a person with disability in a park