All disability workers who are not registered through our scheme are called 'unregistered disability workers'. As registration does not commence until 1 July 2021, this means all disability workers from 1 July 2020.

Unregistered disability workers must comply with the Victorian Disability Worker Code of Conduct. However, unless they are also providing NDIS-funded services in a risk-assessed role, they may not have been checked for their safety to provide disability services. 

Regulating the unregistered disability workforce

We have responsibility for regulating the unregistered disability workforce. This includes:

  • providing education and information to the public about disability workers and their conduct, the complaint handling standards and processes
  • receiving, assessing and dealing with complaints
  • conciliating complaints, where appropriate to do so
  • issuing prohibition orders to ban unregistered disability workers from providing disability services
  • monitoring, identifying and advising the Minister about trends in relation to complaints
  • conducting and supporting research into the handling of complaints, and ways of improving the practice of disability workers and the services they provide.


Disability worker helping a man with disability inside the house