Disability workers can apply to become a 'registered disability worker' from 1 July 2021.  

Becoming a registered disability worker

A registered disability worker is a provider of disability services that has been granted registration through our scheme. In order to hold general registration, a disability worker must:

  • have been screened for safety (had a criminal history check)
  • have experience, training or qualifications that satisfies the Board that the disability worker is professionally competent to practise as a disability worker
  • have successfully completed all supervised practice requirements OR all examinations and assessments required to practise safely and competently
  • be suitable in all other regards such that the Board determines the disability worker is a suitable person to hold registration.

Registration, once granted by the Disability Worker Registration Board of Victoria, will generally last for 12 months and the individual will be invited to renew their registration annually.

Registered disability workers must abide by standards that could reasonably be expected of people with the equivalent level of training or experience. 

Is registration mandatory?

Registration is not mandatory and those who do not obtain registration as a disability worker are referred to as 'unregistered disability workers'. Having met the standards required to become a registered disability worker provides assurance to people with disability and their families that the disability worker they choose to provide services is safe and competent. This is the fundamental difference between registered and unregistered disability workers.

Finding a registered disability worker

All registered disability workers will be listed in the publicly available register of registered workers, which will be available on this website after the full implementation of the scheme after July 2021.

The register of registered workers will enable people with disability, potential employers and members of the public to verify the registration status of an individual. They can also check any conditions or endorsement on their registration and any disciplinary action taken by the Board or the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) such as a caution, reprimand or cancellation of their registration.

Publicly available information on the Register of Disability Workers

Details of the registration status of registered disability workers will be publicly accessible online in a Register of Disability Workers in the second half of 2021. The register will include the worker's:

  • name
  • registration type
  • division
  • expiry information
  • the appropriate legally reserved title
  • any conditions placed upon the person's registration
  • any suspensions or disciplinary actions taken by the Board or VCAT.

There will also be a publicly accessible register listing details of all disability workers against whom prohibition orders have been issued. 


Disability worker walking in the park with a person with disability